Shawn on Week 7 of his Fall 2013 Internship

Name: Shawn (Seungyup)
Major: Economics & Mathematics
CFS Program: Business Field Studies

I am spending my most exciting quarter at Northwestern with Chicago Field Studies. When I was admitted to the program in April 2013, I had to go through the process of thoughtfully screening the right company that I would enjoy working for in fall quarter. I have always wanted to have a career in investment banking, so I looked for a company that would prepare me for a career in the banking industry. Deciding between larger banks which would look great on my resume and smaller firms which would provide me with real skills was very difficult. After consideration, I chose a smaller firm. I am very glad that I am working at CDI Global as a research analyst intern this quarter.
CDI Global is an M&A advisory firm that operates by leveraging its global networking platform. Although the Chicago office only has a small number of employees, the company has a global presence and experiences continuous deal flow. My responsibility as an intern is just incredible. My daily work includes researching companies and drafting target lists for buy side and sell side deals. These are the real skills that I can confidently use in my future career in investment banking. Plus, my supervisor is a truly amazing professional who often provides me with career advice, interview suggestions and genuinely supports me in
every way possible.
CFS is a great opportunity to build your career aspirations by exploring possible career options.