The Center for Economic History at Northwestern University was established in 2013 with seed money from the University. It is co-directed by Professors Joel Mokyr (Economics and History) and Joseph Ferrie (Economics and History). Other Northwestern faculty associated with the Center are Adjunct Prof. of Economics Louis Cain (Economics); Associate Prof. of Finance (Kellogg) Carola Frydman and Assistant Prof. of Classics Taco Terpstra.

The Center employs a resident post-doctoral fellow who regularly interacts with the students affiliated with the Center, as well as a full time research assistant, who aids the students and faculty affiliated with the Center with their research projects. We also have weekly seminars of visiting scholars and regular lunch meetings of the faculty and students affiliated with the Center in which students present their preliminary research results. The Center sponsors the bi-annual dinner of the Greater Chicago Area Friends of Economic History, which attracts scholars from a dozen institutions in the Chicago area and hosts world-renowned scholars in the field. A number of international conferences are in the planning stage.