Information for Prospective Undergraduate Students

Positions are available for Northwestern undergraduate students to work part-time in the Carthew group and learn what it is like to do science. We teach you necessary skills and methods of analysis with the expectation that you will harness those learned skills to complete an independent research project before graduation. We are looking for students who:

  • Are freshmen or sophomores
  • Are from the Program in Biological Sciences or McCormick School of Engineering
  • Can devote at least 12 hours per week during the school year to research
  • Can work full-time for one or more summers during their tenure in the group
  • Are interested in exploring science as a career
  • Are willing to intern, apply for summer scholarships, and perform research for credit
  • Would be willing to continue in the group for the remainder of their time at NU

Please apply by email with a CV and a personal statement describing what research specifically interests you and why? What are your career plans once you graduate?