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Elan’s TimeTrial Application Published in the Journal of Biological Rhythms

Abstract The circadian rhythm drives the oscillatory expression of thousands of genes across all tissues, coordinating physiological processes. The effect of this rhythm on...
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Congratulations Dr. Sahil Shah on Defending His Thesis!

Sahil gets his Phd after successful defending his thesis: Statistical methods for the network based analysis of genomic data.
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Sahil’s GeneSurrounder Method Published in BMC Bioinformatics!

  Abstract Background: A key challenge of identifying disease–associated genes is analyzing transcriptomic data in the context of regulatory networks that control cellular processes...
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Lab Time Line


July – Elan Publishes TimeTrial application in the Journal of Biological Rhythms!
January – Nish Joins the lab as a Masters Student!


December – Marta leaves the lab to work as an Assistant Research Professor in the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics at Northwestern!
June – Sahil leaves the lab to work at Civis Analytics!
June – Congratulations Dr. Sahil Shah!
May – Sahil Publishes GeneSurrounder method in BMC Bioinformatics!
May – Phan leaves the lab to work at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory!


November – Gary publishes on single nucleotide polymorphisms that modulate microRNA in PLoS genetics!
November – Phan publishes Time-lagged Ordered Lasso for network inference in BMC Bioinformatics!
December – Congratulation Dr. Phan Nguyen!
Sept – Rosemary publishes universal TimeSignature method in PNAS!
June – Congratulations Dr. Gary Wilk!
June – Elan joins the lab as a Graduate Student!


December – Gary publishes an integrative analysis of microRNAs and Cancer in Nucleic acids research!
November – Phan publishes a semi-supervised network inference method in Bioinformatics!


March – Marta joins the lab as a Postdoctoral Fellow!
January – Sahil publishes review on network methods for pathway analysis of genomic data!


August – Sahil joins the lab as a Graduate Student!
June – Phan joins the lab as a Graduate Student!
January – Gary joins the lab as a Graduate Student!

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