First View of Antarctica in Almost a Year

First BLAST-TNG collaborators arrive in Antarctica to take the experiment out of storage and prepare it for a December launch!  This photo, taken from the C-17, shows our team’s first view of Antarctica in almost a year.  Its been a long wait following last year’s bad weather and four scrubbed launch attempts, and we are all eager to get out to the Long Duration Ballooning site and get to work.

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  1. Good luck !!!

  2. best of luck – stay warm.
    Can I view the planned experiment list anywhere?

    • Yes, sky areas scheduled for observation are given in (a) the Reserved Objects List (see “Information for Observers” menu item) and (b) the list of nine selected shared risk proposals on the Home Page.

  3. In hopes for a non-eventful launch and successful scientific flight for BLAST TNG.
    Victor Davison

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