I am supposed to put some kind of soaring vision statement here to inspire people to strive for lofty abstract goals.  But whenever I read that stuff myself, the hyperbole reminds me of that old joke:

A man drove up to a old woman on the sidewalk, in London, and asked:
“How do I get to Piccadilly circus from here?”
The woman responded:
“Oh… that’s hard. I wouldn’t start from here”

You see I’ve never seen a piece of limestone I didn’t want to crawl over, under or through, and a few scrapes & bruises just go with that territory.  So be forewarned that you can’t really understand the carbonate factory unless you are willing to end up wet, squishy and smelling. . . like science!  So instead of some grandiloquence that would give you no actual guidance, I will simply show you what you are in for if we spend time together in the field:

In the process you’ll learn how we interact with groundwater in ways that most people never see, but  that are vital to our collective future.


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