PhD Candidate, Department of Economics


Contact Information

Department of Economics
Northwestern University
2001 Sheridan Road
Evanston, IL 60208

Phone: 630-379-7029



Ph.D., Economics, Northwestern University, 2019 (expected)
MA, Economics, Northwestern University, 2015
BA, Mathematics, George Mason University, 2013.

Primary Fields of Specialization

Economic History

Secondary Fields of Specialization

Applied Microeconomics

Curriculum Vitae

Download Vita (PDF).pdf

Job Market Paper

“News in Chains: The Consequences of Consolidation in the U.S. Newspaper Industry, 1950-1980″ (PDF)

In 1950, 80% of American newspapers were owned by independent families. By 1980, only 30% of American newspapers were owned by independent families – the majority of newspapers had been acquired by newspaper chains. I use newly collected data to study the effects of transitions from independent to chain ownership on news content. I find that while chain transitions have little effect on news content, chain transitions lead to a larger newspaper by approximately 4.2 pages, but approximately 15% fewer words per page, indicating that chains are able to finance a new printing technology and add more advertising to the newspaper. Additionally, I find that transitions to chain ownership lead to a 12% increase in the share of advertisements which are for chain or publicly-owned businesses, as opposed to local businesses.

Other Research Papers

“Covert Advertising in New Media: Evidence from the Patreon Hack” with Heyu Xiong

We study content creators on Patreon, an online platform which helps content creators solicit recurring payments from their fans – referred to on Patreon as “patrons”. We exploit a large, exogenous shock to subscription revenue on Patreon to understand how subscription revenue affects media providers’ content and advertising provision choices. In initial findings, we find that Patreon video creators suffered a 25% loss in subscription revenue due to the Patreon hack, and that this caused an increase of .3 affiliate links per video.


Prof. Joel Mokyr (Committee Chair)
Prof. Joseph Ferrie
Prof. Ben Jones