324 Symposium 28: Mechanics of Irradiated Structural Materials

Huiling Duan, Peking University

Haidong Fan, Sichuan University

Shurong Ding, Fudan University

Jian Wang, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Yue Fan, University of Michigan

With the increasing world energy demands and unfavorable climate change, developing sustainable energy technologies becomes an urgent need. The low environmental impact of nuclear energy has made it a desirable technology. The harsher irradiation environments and higher temperatures in the next generation reactors require the materials used as core structural components to have high irradiation resistance and thermal stability. Thus, it is critical to understand the microstructure-properties relations of structural materials at extreme irradiations and transform such knowledge into the capability of designing and predicting irradiation-tolerant materials.This symposium aims to advance the study of fundamental mechanics of irradiated structural materials by integrating the recent developments of experimental characterization, theoretical models, modeling and simulations. Topics of interest (but not limited to) include:1.Mechanical behaviors of irradiated materials2.Irradiation-induced microstructure evolution of structural materials3.Fracture mechanisms and mechanics of irradiated materials4.Multi-scale modeling of the thermo-mechanical properties of irradiated materials5.Multi-field coupling simulation of irradiation-induced behaviors in materials

Keywords: material systems, solids and structure

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