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Research within our group is focused at the frontiers of organic synthesis, both in terms of new reaction design, and in the synthesis of complex naturally occurring molecules. The rich interplay between these two sub-disciplines has been instrumental in driving forward the limits of our chemical knowledge and in defining new fields of research, such as chemical biology.

Recent years have seen an explosion of scientific discoveries stemming from meaningful interdisciplinary, collaborative research: Organic synthesis has been, and will continue to be, at the heart of many of these endeavors.

Recent Group News

Check out our lab's recent publications in the diverse field of natural product chemistry. So far, 2018 has seen new publications with the Geiger and Donahue labs on atmospheric chemistry, as well as the isolation of the tyrobetaines in collaboration with the Metcalf and Kelleher labs.

Congratulations to Emily for her recent work on developing a new strategy for the convergent synthesis of polycyclic molecules, and its application to the formal synthesis of 7,20-diisocyanoadociane!

Well done to Galen and Jen for their completed total synthesis of tambromycin, an unusual peptide natural product!