Yammer, Yammer, Yammer

In our discovery and study of ESNs, Yammer is ever-present. In fact, the platform has been championed in many of the team cases as a potentially triumphant goal… if only we could get the CEO to adopt Yammer! 

Being a natural skeptic, my first question is why? What is so special about Yammer and systems like it? Is it not just a fancy email?

Yammer_48_discussOnYnotViaEmailNOYammer550px1Cartoon from www.businessgoessocial.net

Ultimately, though I am no Yammer evangelical on the level of some more inspired members of our class, I have definitely been converted. I am a Yammer believer. Through experimentation with the platform in my workplace and supplemental readings, here’s where I have determined the value added by Yammer lies:

  • New, shiny, tech-y. There is a lot of love out there for new systems and platforms. Yammer is cooler than email.
  • Communications management. Sick of receiving those accounting emails? Yammer-ized, you can breeze past pesky notifications without having to delete emails or sink your teeth into areas that truly matter to you. Users get to choose their informational flow.
  • Simultaneously broadening and tightening networks. Stay with me. Yammer allows employees to connect with one another from across the globe, while also providing opportunities for the Yammer users down the cubes from one another to identify mutual work, causes, or interests.
  • Idea and information sharing. No need to reinvent the wheel. Uniqueness is much rarer than perhaps we’d like to imagine- Yammer allows for superior workflow and idea sharing and prevents unnecessary duplication of efforts.

The platform is hugely popular for a reason and has the potential to add huge value to any workplace. With proper planning and resource allocation, implementing Yammer or a similar ESN is a powerful opportunity for most organizations.


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