Marc Bourgeois

I grew up in Western Massachusetts before attending Northwestern University for my undergraduate studies, where I majored in physics, math, and the Integrated Science Program. I then moved to Tucson, where I earned a MS degree in physics from the University of Arizona. While there, I studied experimental ultrafast spectroscopy.

Currently, I am a second year student in the Schatz group. My research focuses on using Mie theory as well as finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) and discrete dipole calculations to study the optical properties of materials ranging from isolated metal nanostructures to arrays of plasmonic nanostructures such as mesoscale crystals. Ultimately, I hope to understand new design principles for creating materials exhibiting novel properties, including those not often found in nature.

Outside of science, I enjoy reading, drinking coffee, tinkering with electronics, exploring Chicago with friends, and attending concerts.