Lam-Kiu Fong

I was born in Cuba, but have very close ties to Oceanside, CA. I did my undergraduate degree in chemistry at U.C. Berkeley, where I worked on the synthesis and characterization of semiconductor nanocrystals in Prof. Paul Alivisatos’ lab.

I am interested in understanding the thermodynamic properties of DNA-functionalized gold nanoparticles (DNA-NP). Using atomistic molecular dynamics, I study how the electrostatic and steric environment of the DNA ligand-shell on the gold particle surface affects the DNA binding properties, especially when compared to a free strand system. I am using these theoretical studies to inform experimental determination of thermodynamic constants for DNA-NP systems.

In my free time I read, mostly fiction. I cook frequently, and try new restaurants almost as frequently. I enjoy days with temperatures above 75°F, and being outdoors on those days.