Dhara Trivedi

I was born and grew up in Ahmedabad, Gujarat in India. I received my Bachelor of Science and Masters of Science in Physics, from Gujarat University. I began doctoral studies in Physics at the University of Rochester, NY. Under the guidance of Prof. Oleg V. Prezhdo, my doctorate research focused on the time-domain density functional theory to model non-adiabatic molecular dynamics in various nanoscale systems. I have been involved in development and implementation of various surface hopping methods. In my past research work, I have worked in the field of Spintronics, providing concise relations between the degrees of spin polarization and measured circular polarization for each of the dominant phonon-assisted optical transitions.

My research interests range from fundamental aspects of semiclassical physics, to excitation dynamics in nanoscale systems. As a postdoc in Prof. Schatz’s group, I will be studying optical properties of nanostructures. I will be involved in the development of theoretical models and computational methods, investigating the properties of nanoscale structures.