Chelsea Mueller

I grew up mostly in various parts of Utah and Wisconsin. Before coming to Northwestern for my doctoral studies, I completed my undergraduate work at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point with a BS in Chemistry and a minor in Spanish Language. I was first introduced to computational chemistry and theory in the lab of Dr. Jason D’Acchioli, where I worked on a variety of projects involving transition metal complexes and catalytic mechanisms.

My research interests are broadly defined by the interaction of light and matter, and in leveraging these interactions to explore chemical phenomena and other physical properties. In the Schatz group, my current work focuses on exploring Tip-Enhanced Raman Imaging using semi-empirical and density functional methods. TER Imaging allows for the simultaneous acquisition of chemical and structural information by collecting Raman data at many points while also performing STM analysis.

In my free time I enjoy reading, writing, drawing and painting, and playing my violin. I also enjoy game nights with friends and strategy-centered board and card games. I volunteer with the Science in the Classroom outreach program, and served as a PLU Service Chair during the 2017-2018 academic year.