Chad Heaps

I grew up in Bel Air, MD, a town northeast of Baltimore, MD. In 2010, I received my B.S. in Chemistry from Washington & Lee University in Lexington, VA. After working in the petroleum additive industry for a year, I entered graduate school at the University of Chicago. I completed my Ph.D. in 2016 under David Mazziotti. My dissertation focused on the formulation of a pseudospectral trajectory-guided Gaussian basis set method for quantum molecular dynamics.

As a postdoc in the Schatz group, I study the optical properties of nanoparticle SERS systems. Using extensions of Mie theory, we will investigate the characteristics of a Raman signal as observed through an optical microscope.

Outside of lab, I enjoy spending time with my wife and our two cats, and enjoying music. I play the guitar in an Allman Brothers cover band with some friends and enjoy attending concerts at any of the great music venues in Chicago.