Stratigraphic successions are one of the main archives of paleoenvironmental data that allow earth scientists to improve our understanding of the physical, chemical and biological processes that have shaped our planet over geologic time. My role among the group of faculty in our department who collaborate on paleoenviornmental studies (including Axford, Horton, Hurtgen, Jacobson, and Osburn) spans the sub-disciplines of stratigraphy/sedimentology, geochemistry, and paleobiology. I teach introductory and advanced courses on these subjects, including EARTH 331-Field Problems in Sedimentary Geology, which is a 3-4 week field course in CO and UT that trains students in sed/strat field methods while exposing them to a broad spectrum of silicilastic and carbonate facies. The web pages linked here contain information about my teaching and research interests and activities, my PhD. advisees and other collaborators, and my publications. Also included is a photo gallery of images collected through the years. Enjoy!

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