Graduate Students



Matthew Jones

Ph.D. Candidate: Matt is studying isotope chemostratigraphy and astrochronology of orbitally forced cyclic marine sequences of Late Cretaceous age.  Matt’s work has included a project on lacustrine deposits of the Songliao basin of north-eastern China, Turonian chemostratigraphy and Demerara Rise and the Western Interior U.S., and the stratigraphy, geochemistry and astrochronology of the SH#1 core from southern Utah, the centerpiece of a collaborative NSF funded Earth-Life Transitions project on the Cenomanian-Turonian extinction event.



Jiuyuan Wang

Ph.D. Candidate: Jiuyuan has been busy developing a new suite of geochemical tools to study changes in paleo-ocean chemistry during major events in Earth history.   These tools include δ44Ca, 87Sr/86Sr, and δ88/86Sr measurements, which together offer a more comprehensive means to evaluate the different drivers of chemical changes (i.e., changes in chemical fluxes from weathering, hydrothermal inputs, carbonate burial, or carbonate dissolution due to ocean acidification following massive CO2 release).  He is currently working on the Permo-Triassic extinction interval and Neoproterozoic cap carbonates.




Young Ji Joo

PhD. Thesis: Late Cretaceous Carbon Isotope Chemostratigraphy and Analysis of Perturbations in Global Carbon and Sulfur Biogeochemical Cycles (2012).
Current Position:  post doctoral research associate, University of Oklahoma

Jason Flaum

PhD. Thesis: Investigation of Phosphorus Cycle Dynamics Associated with Organic Carbon Vurial in Modern (North Pacific) and Ancient (Devonian and Cretaceous) Marine Systems : Strengths and Limitations of Sequentially Extracted (SEDEX) Phosphorus Data. (2008).
Current Position: Geoscientist, Exxon Inc.

Stephen Meyers

Ph.D. Thesis: Integrated Cyclostratigraphy and Biogeochemistry of the Cenomanian/ Turonian Boundary Interval, Western Interior Basin, North America (2003).
Current Position: Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Robert Locklair

PhD. Thesis:  Causes and Consequences of Marine Carbon Burial: Examples from the Cretaceous Niobrara Formation and the Permian Brushy Canyon Formation. (2007)
Current Position: Geoscientist, Chevron Inc.

Adam Murphy

PhD. Thesis:  Physical and biogeochemical mechanisms of black shale deposition, and their implications for ecological and evolutionary change in the Devonian Appalachian Basin. (2000)
Current Position: Instructor, University of Phoenix


Maya Gomes

PhD. Thesis:  Modern and Ancient Studies of Sulfur Isotope Cycling in Low-Sulfate Systems. (2014)
Advisors: Hurtgen and Sageman
Current Position: post doctoral research associate, Harvard University

Allie Baczynski

PhD. Thesis:  Evaluating Carbon Cycle Dynamics and Hydrologic Change during the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum, Bighorn  Basin, Wyoming. (2014)
Advisors: McInerney and Sageman
Current Position: post doctoral research associate, Penn State University

Rosemary Bush

PhD. Thesis:  Leaf Wax n-Alkanes as Paleoclimate Proxies: Calibrations in Modern Plants and Applications in Ancient Ecosystems. (2014)
Advisors: McInerney and Sageman
Current Position: post doctoral research associate, Notre Dame University

Rich Barclay

PhD. Thesis: Testing the driving mechanisms for Ocean Anoxic Event 2 (94Ma) using pCO2 estimates and carbon isotopes Derived From Fossil Plant Material In The Dakota Formation Of Southwestern Utah. (2011)
Advisors: Sageman and McElwain
Current Position: post doctoral research scientist, National Museum of Natural History (Smithsonian)

Derek Adams

PhD. Thesis:  Biogeochemical Consequences of Low Sulfate Oceans:  A Study of Oceanic Anoxic Event 2. (2011)
Advisors: Hurtgen and Sageman
Current Position:  Geoscientist, Exxon Inc.

Joniell Borges

PhD. Thesis:  Continental Weathering Products: Clay Mineral Surfaces as Sinks for Organic Carbon in Marine Environments; Chemistry and Petrography of Bed Sediments from Large Rivers–Provenance and Chemical Weathering. (2007)
Advisors: Sageman and Huh
Current Position: Geoscientist, Chevron Inc.

Jiří Laurin

PhD. Thesis: Effects of relative sea-level fluctuations and other controls in linked nearshore and hemipelagic depositional settings; examples from the Bohemian Cretaceous Basin and the U.S. Western Interior. (2003)

Fulbright Scholar and visiting PhD. student, 2001
Advisors: Ulicny and Sageman
Current Position: Research Scientist, Czech Academy of Science

Josef Werne

PhD. Thesis: A Geochemical Evaluation of Depositional Controls and Paleoenvironmental Reconstructions in Organic-Rich Sediment Deposits: Evidence from the Modern Cariaco Bason, Venezuela, and Applications to the Devonian Appalachian Basin.  (2000)

Advisors: Hollander and Sageman
Current Position:  Associate Professor, University of Pittsburg


Tyler Kukla

Senior Honors Thesis: A tale of two CIEs: An isotopic and paleogeographic comparison between the Mid Cenomanian Event and Ocean Anoxic Event 2 (2016)
Current position: PhD. candidate, Stanford University

Jennifer Mills

Senior Honors Thesis: Sulfur cycle dynamics during the early Aptian OAE1a: Implications for the mechanisms driving Cretaceous Ocean Anoxic Events (OAEs). (2013)
Current position: Marshall Scholar, Cambridge University

Allegra Mayer

Senior Honors Thesis: Geochemical evidence for variable redox conditions in the late Cretaceous Western Interior Seaway. (2013) DAAD scholar, Germany 2013-14
Current position:  PhD. candidate, UC-Berekely

Robin Saywitz

Senior Honors Thesis: Analyzing Colombian Rocks From the Cretaceous Period for a Milankovitch Beat (2013)
Current position: Senior Consultant at Booz Allen Hamilton

Colin Carney

Senior Honors Thesis: Phosphorous systematics of the Late Devonian Kellwasser events.
Current Position: Specialist, UC Santa Cruz; contractor, US Geological Survey

Petra Pancoskova

Senior Honors Thesis: Spectral Analysis of Orbitally Forced Sediments Using Measured Sections and Photographic Images. (2002)

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