Alex Richings
Lindheimer Postdoctoral Fellow
CIERA, Northwestern University

Welcome to my website. I am currently a Lindheimer postdoctoral fellow at CIERA, Northwestern University. Previously, I completed my Ph.D. in Astrophysics at the University of Leiden, working with Prof. Joop Schaye. My research interests lie in the field of galaxy formation, and in the use of numerical simulations to study the formation and evolution of galaxies. I am particularly interested in modelling the non-equilibrium chemistry of ions and molecules in these simulations. By modelling these chemical processes in galaxy simulations, we can more accurately follow the cooling and heating rates of the gas, without needing to assume chemical equilibrium, and we can also make detailed predictions for emission and absorption lines from individual chemical species, which can be compared to observations.

For a more detailed overview of my research topics, please visit the research section of this site.

Email: a.j.richings@northwestern.edu