Keynote Speakers

We are very proud to be featuring three of the finest scholars on religion and globalization.  If you are not already familiar with each of their approaches, we suggest starting with the following works.  (Click on each name for a full biography.)

First Keynote, Friday at 4:30 pm:
“Across the Threshold of Possession”
Thomas J. Csordas
Professor of Anthropology
The University of California, San Diego



Second Keynote, Saturday at 4:30 pm:
“Prefixes and Prepositions: On the Study of Religion in Motion”
Thomas A. Tweed
Professor of Religious Studies
The University of Texas at Austin



Third Keynote, Sunday at 11:00 am:
“Dilemmas of Secular Power: Religion, Law, and Globalization”
Elizabeth Shakman Hurd
Associate Professor of Political Science
Northwestern University