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The End of the Beginning: Laying the foundation for a strong community

It has been a little over a month since our new Chief Learning Officer announced that change was amidst us and that all learning professionals across North America and UK would be embarking on a transformational journey of change over the next 2 years. Following the announcement, all L&D professionals were “invited” to join a private group on LinkedIn…

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Leadership presence: a (BIG) small win!

As a change management consultant of four years and for those of us who have either led and/or seen change efforts both succeed and horribly fail, we can’t stress enough how essential are Kotter’s eight steps to leading transformational change. The one step that resonates most with me given my experience in change projects is…

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The journey ahead

Last Tuesday I woke up to what I thought would be a fairly routine morning when I’m not traveling. I leisurely peeled myself out of bed at 7am, brushed my teeth, showered, ate a hearty bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios cereal and then walked over to my home office (which right now is my breakfast…

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Hello world!

Hello, fellow colleagues! I am excited and gearing up for my first blog post in a few days. Let the blogging begin! 🙂