Talk – Ann Bradlow

Phonatics will be meeting next week, Wednesday Oct. 25th, from 4-5pm in Cresap 101. Ann Bradlow, Professor of Linguistics here at Northwestern, will be giving a practice talk for a special session at the 2017 ASHA Annual Convention. The title, abstract, and an outline of the ASHA special session are provided below.

High variability speech training in and out of the lab

Ann Bradlow
Department of Linguistics

What is the most effective way to improve perception and production of novel speech sounds?  In this presentation, I will review the principle behind a particularly effective approach to novel speech sound learning, namely the high variability training approach.  I will then present data from two lines of research that have explored this training principle in laboratory-based studies: (1) acquisition of the English /r/-/l/ contrast by Japanese listeners, and (2) perceptual adaptation to foreign-accented English by native speakers of American English.  Translation of this basic research to clinics, classrooms, and other real-world settings is the next frontier for this research agenda.

This is a practice talk for a special session at the 2017 ASHA Annual Convention on Nov 9th.
Topic Area: Cultural and Linguistic Issues
Session Title: High Variability Speech Training & Practical Aspects of Accent Modification
Session Format: Short Course
Time-Ordered Agenda:

  1. Introduction and overview 5 min Lisa Lasalle
  2. High variability speech training in and out of the lab, 50 mins. Ann Bradlow
  3. Management of speech sound disorders vs. providing accent modificatioon services, 35 mins. Amber Franklin
  4. Measuring comprehensibility, degree of accentedness, and baseline intelligibility. 35 mins Amee Shah
  5. Use of visual and kinesthetic methods to improve sound differentiation 35 mins Jenna Luque
  6. Question and Answer 20 mins – Panel


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