Childhood Personality and Behavioral Outcomes Study (CPBS)

The Childhood Personality and Behavioral Outcomes Study (CPBS) is interested in looking at individual differences in personality traits and their associations with behavior in early adolescence. We are currently collecting online follow up data from any of the 350 families who previously participated in the in-lab study at the University of Houston. We are collecting questionnaires from youth and their parents about things like personality, relationships, values, and behaviors. If you are interested in participating, please let us know. Thank you to the 153 families that have already completed their follow up questionnaires!

Illinois Twin Project

In collaboration with researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, the PADLab is now recruiting parents of twins in the state of Illinois. Beginning Fall 2017, we are starting a database of parents of twins (both identical and fraternal) who might be willing to have their children participate in future research studies. Studying twins allows us to better learn about the causes of children’s life outcomes, as we can figure out how children may be affected by their genetics, and what things might be due to their environments. We have learned a lot from previous twin studies in the PADLab such as our recent study on teenage risky decision-making (see the Risky Business project on the lab website). We are excited about the opportunity to learn more from twins here in Illinois! By indicating their interest, parents are not obligated to participate in the future. Please, keep an eye on our website for updates about enrollment in this project!


Game Changers Study

Traits that contribute to leadership and which behaviors are the hallmarks of successful leaders are well understood in adults, but the development of these traits and behaviors in adolescence is not. Specifically, which traits do successful adolescent leaders possess? How do other adolescents recognize who is a leader? How can we expand our definition of leadership behaviors to fit the many social and academic contexts of adolescence? The Game Changers Study is an on-going project aimed at answering these questions in a sample of community adolescents. We’ve had many families come in to our lab at Northwestern to participate in our study, and we’re always looking for more! We ask teens (ages 13-17) to participate in many different tasks including answering questionnaires, providing saliva samples, and watching videos in an eye tracker. If you or someone you know might be interested in participating, let us know! Email us at The study is approved by the Northwestern IRB STU00203160.


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