20161101 Release

We recently released new features and fixes to NUcore. This release includes features that should be helpful to all users of the system, so please email the NUcore support team at nucore@northwestern.edu with any questions or comments.

  1. Added Instrument Offline feature
  • Ability to move an instrument into offline/online states without an “Administrative Reservation”
  • Ability to send emails specifically relevant to the offline/online events
  • Will email reservation holders notice of pending reservation cancellations every morning during the offline duration
  • Upcoming reservations canceled during offline state. System will not charge for auto-canceled reservations during offline duration if instrument has a Reservation Cost attached.
  • Feature is available for the Senior Staff, Facility Administrator, and Facility Director role types in NUcore
  1. Created a new “Instrument Unavailable” tab within the “Instrument Utilization” Reports section
  • Summarizes both “Instrument Offline” time and “Administrative Reservations” by newly selectable Categories
  • An “Export Raw” report showing details of all instances of “Instrument Offline” and “Administrative Reservations” is also available
  1. Added Bulk email feature improvement
  • Bulk email message “Subject” lines are prefixed with the app name (“NUcore”) and the facility name.
  • Ability to compose free-form email body
  • Ability to export result set to .CSV that contains Name, Username, and Email
  • Email sent directly from NUcore (no longer necessary to copy/paste into email client)
  1. Added External User-Side Statement Listing tab
  • Owners and Business Administrators can easily access their external invoices on a single screen
  • New tab in a payment source record
  • Downloadable .PDF available
  1. Added a new tab “My Files” next to “My Payment Sources”
  • Contains a listing of all user’s uploaded files including order forms and results files
  1. Added filtering on the Transactions tab inside of the “My Payment Sources” tab
  2. Added “Reconciled” to some filtering functions
  3. Fixed an issue where the bulk import of orders could be duplicated
  4. Fixed an issue where the bulk import of orders timestamps had been calculated differently
  5. Fixed UI to show Bundle groupings correctly
  6. Fixed UI where canceled orders were included in the Sum Row of the Order Detail view.