20160405 Release

Of special note is the addition of split payment functionality. Even if your users have no awards with this type of split setup, you may still encounter split payment sources set up by other facilities in the system. These accounts may appear in payment source searches, or when choosing a chart string for a user when ordering on their behalf, so it is important to understand how and why these accounts are used. In the next few days, prior to release of the first split payment sources, you will receive additional information about this feature. For more details on this feature or to get assistance with set up, contact the NUcore support team. Please see the list below for the other release items and contact nucore-support@northwestern.edu with any questions.


  1. Added new ‘Split Payment’ functionality – permits individual orders to be paid by multiple sources
  • The ability to split payment for an order is dependent on first creating a “Split Payment Source” specifically for this purpose
  • Split Payment Sources can only be created by the NUcore support team
  • Each request for a Split Payment Source is reviewed by the Office of Cost Studies, the Office for Sponsored Research, and ASRSP and will only be granted in cases where the split is necessary to fulfill the terms of the awards involved
  1. During instrument reservation creation, payment source drop down now prompts users to choose a payment source
  • Previous behavior would display one of the user’s payment sources, which made it easier to place orders on an incorrect payment source
  1. Fixed a bug where a payment source could appear duplicated in a user’s list of available payment sources
  2. Fixed a workflow bug which blocked a core manager from editing the payment source member list when viewing a payment source through the user menu
  3. Updated instructional text to provide more clarity when closing a pending journal