20160307 Release

This release contains several items that were a direct response to feedback from our core managers. We appreciate that feedback and hope these upgrades result in a smoother experience for you and your users. Please review the list below and contact nucore@northwestern.edu.


  1. Added date validation to journal header date
  • This validation will allow only valid journal header dates to be entered, according to the Accounting Services monthly close calendar: http://www.northwestern.edu/financial-operations/policies-procedures/Calendar.pdf
  1. During instrument reservation creation, the payment source selector has been modified to present instructive text instead of a payment source
  • This will ensure that users must actively choose a payment source instead of the system pre-populating a payment source
  1. Added the ability to enter one or more email addresses to receive email notification when a customer requests training
  • This field is found in the ‘details’ tab on each instrument and must be set up per instrument
  • If entering multiple email addresses, separate by adding a comma between each address
  1. Report filter parameters will now remain as set by the user after exporting the report
  • Previously the filter parameters would reset after an export
  1. Fixed a bug where adding a reconciliation note to an already reconciled order would result in a system error
  2. Fixed a bug where if a user had only one payment source, a system error would occur if they tried to choose a new payment source in the cart