20150714 Release

We recently released new features and fixes to NUCore. This release includes features that should be helpful to all users of the system, so please review the list below and contact nucore@northwestern.edu with any questions or comments.


  1. Added the ability for core managers, customers, and business administrators to export lists of transactions for review and reporting
  • Managers will find an ‘Export as CSV’ link in the Billing tab and ‘All transactions’
  • Customers and business administrators will find the ‘Export as CSV’ link in the Transactions list on any payment source they have used in NUCore
  • This export includes the data provided in the page view, as well as several useful data points which should be useful for departmental use or internal core reporting needs. Please contact NUCore support if you would like to request additional data in the export
  • If no date range is specified in the transaction list view, the report start date will default to the 1st of the previous month
  1. Added a new Training Request mechanism for instrumentation
  • If an instrument is restricted with an access list, unauthorized users are prompted to request training if they wish
  • Any training requests can be found by core managers in the ‘Products’ tab, left menu
  • Coming soon will be a banner for core managers which will appear at the top of the page and display a notification of any outstanding training requests, as well as disputed items and Problem orders/reservations
  • In addition to keeping the ability to grant access to users via the users tab, managers may now grant that access using the training request view
  1. Added the ability to define a reservation end time while creating a reservation
  • The previous method of defining a ‘duration’ has been retained, and using either of the input options will update the corresponding field appropriately
  1. Added instructional text to the Reporting tab to clarify how the filter parameters affect the report
  2. Fixed a bug which caused reservation actual minutes to appear in the order detail view incorrectly.
  • This bug was a display-only issue, actual reservation usage was stored and charged correctly.
  1. Fixed a bug where an error would occur if an already authorized user was added to a restricted product