20140908 Release

Please review the list below and contact nucore@northwestern.edu with any questions or comments.


  1. Added a Notification Banner to assist managers with training requests, disputed orders, and problem orders
  • A new “Notices” menu has been added for facility staff in the purple banner when in facility management view. This provides direct links to items that require attention
  1. Added an additional location for accessing disputed orders and reservations
  • In addition to the original location (in the Orders and Reservations tabs respectively) disputed orders can now be accessed under the Billing tab, then in the left menu ‘Disputed Orders’.
  1. Modified the file name for invoices
  • Invoice file name format is now (NU) – (Facility abbreviation) – (InvoiceID#) – (Invoice Date).pdf
  1. Optimized Send Notification and Journal Reconciliation pages to help speed up management actions and page loading
  2. Fixed an issue where attempting to modify the length of an ongoing reservation would result in an error
  3. Fixed a bug where the Cancer Center price group member list was not alphabetized properly
  4. Fixed a bug which could prevent reconciliation of journals with very high numbers of line items