Problem Reservations

*New reservations will move to the ‘Problem Reservations’ tab in 3 different circumstances: 1) If a user does not begin their reservation (and the instrument is setup on a timer and auto-cancel is not setup), it will move to ‘problem reservations’ after the reservation end time has passed.  2) If a user begins their reservation, but does not end their reservation (and the instrument is set up on a timer).  3) If there is no price policy defined for the instrument.

  • Select the ‘Reservations’ tab
  • Click on ‘Problem Reservations’ tab under facility name
  • Click the blue Order # link of the order you want to fix
  • Enter the actual start time and end time, as well as the dates, then press ‘Save’
  • If you want to input the reserved time, click the ‘Copy from Reservation’ link, and it will automatically populate the date and time field. Then press ‘Save’