Modifying a new reservation on behalf of a user

*You can edit the payment source, date, start time, length of reservation, notes field, and order status (i.e. cancel)

  1. Select the ‘Reservations’ tab
  2. On the ‘Daily View’ you can find the reservation you would like to edit. Click the small calendar next to the date to go to a different day
  3. Hover the cursor over the green blocks on each instrument to view the name associated with the reservation
  4. Click on the ‘edit’ link associated with the reservation you want to modify
  5. To change the payment source, select a different payment source from the drop down, then press save
  6. To cancel the order, select ‘Canceled’ from the drop down under ‘Status’, then press ‘Save’
  7. To edit the date, start time, or length, click on the blue link that shows the date and time of the reservation, adjust the desired fields, then press ‘Save’