The Northwestern University Community for Human Rights (NUCHR) is proud to announce the official topic of the 14th Annual Conference on Human Rights, which will take place from January 12-14, 2017 in Evanston and Chicago, IL. Student delegates will examine and explore the intersection of art and human rights through workshops and discussions, emphasizing the powerful and often conflicting role that art plays in the fight for human rights. The numerous scholars, activists, artists and policymakers invited to speak at the conference will lay out a framework for our student delegates to analyze the relationship between art and human rights. Delegates will unravel the powerful and often conflicting role that art plays in the fight for human rights, from the oppressive force of propaganda to the inspiring use of art as a tool for social change. The conference will illustrate the varied impacts that different mediums, ranging from visual art, photography, graffiti, spoken word, theater, music, and more have on the spaces they occupy and the audiences who experience them. Finally, the conference will feature field trips to various Chicago neighborhoods rich in artistic history, granting delegates and speakers the opportunity to engage with with a talented cohort of local artists and activists.





Delegates will be joining over forty other undergraduate students from universities across the United States to constructively engage with nuanced and important human rights issues. Together with distinguished academics, activists, and policy-makers from around the globe, delegates will not only share their experiences as they participate in specialized panels and topic-specific breakout sessions, but they will also have the opportunity to interact with prominent speakers, Chicago-based organizations, and other committed students. If you have any questions regarding being a delegate at the conference, please contact our Delegate Development team at

Delegate applications for the 2017 Conference are now closed.