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Category: Special Collections

Charles Deering McCormick Library of Special Collections

The Art & Teaching of Ed Paschke

By Jason Nargis, Special Collections Librarian What role does teaching play in the creative process of an artist? This is a question that began...
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Patron and painter: The friendship of Deering and Singer Sargent

An exhibition at the Art Institute of Chicago highlights a connection between the preeminent portraitist of the early 20th Century and Charles Deering, the...
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Collection Highlight: James Joyce’s Sketch of Leopold Bloom

By Scott Krafft, Curator, McCormick Library of Special Collections  James Joyce, one of the most influential writers of the 20th Century, was plagued with...
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Fair play: coloring books and copyright

By Liz Hamilton, Copyright Librarian, and Rachel Cole, Transportation Public Services Librarian Coloring books are said to have benefits that include reductions in stress, anxiety,...
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The Revolution Will Be Archived: The 1960s at Northwestern

The fall 2017 issue of Footnotes marks Northwestern University Libraries’ declaration about becoming center for study of the 1960s. Read the full issue here....
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Farewell to Archives Month 2017

Like the barrage of light and sound that ends a 4th of July fireworks display, Distinctive Collections is topping off Archives Month with an...
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Archives Month: Charles Deering McCormick Library of Special Collections

It’s National Archives Month! But you knew that, right? Chicago Collections and the Chicago Area Archivists have adopted the theme of “Hidden Stories” for Archives Month 2017, so...
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Curious library: partnering with NPR and Chicago Collections to uncover local history

Chicago radio station WBEZ regularly airs the Curious City series, an ongoing exploration of Chicago history and customs. This week’s installment about the founding of Chicago’s Boystown neighborhood...
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“Untitled” (The End): an installation by Félix González-Torres

The following piece was written by guest contributor, Brian Leahy, exhibit curator and graduate student in Art History.   Félix González-Torres, born in Cuba...
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