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Promoting Open Science with Arch

Written by guest contributor and Digital Publishing Librarian, Chris Diaz

Scientific journal articles only tell part of the story. When scientists, students, and industry professionals read about a new discovery or innovative technique in an article, the readers who wish to verify or build upon that work are often unable to do so from the article alone. Here at Northwestern, the library can help you make your documentation, data, and code openly available online with our new digital repository: Arch.

Arch is an open access repository for research and data. Deposited research materials receive persistent online access and long-term preservation by Northwestern University Libraries. Northwestern researchers can log in with a NetID, deposit any digital file associated with their work, and link to the materials with a DOI.

Recently, over 5,000 scientific journals and organizations became signatories to the Center for Open Science’s Transparency and Openness Promotion Guidelines to make the sciences and social sciences more reproducible. Research funding organizations and journal publishers are already requiring that authors retain the data that underlies their articles and make it openly available. Openness makes science more credible and helps accelerate the pace of discovery. Arch has flexible options for organizing and describing research outputs. Feel free to contact Chris Diaz for a consultation or visit Arch to share your scholarship.