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Know about Geography Week? There’s a map for that

Nov. 13-19 is National Geography Awareness Week, and Northwestern Libraries is celebrating with workshops and playful activities that have become popular fixtures for students each year. Games, a new Aerial Imagery Quiz, “Show Me GIS” demonstrations, and other informative events are scheduled inside the library. For a full schedule, please see this library guide. Ask at any service desk for directions to events.

Wednesday of the week is GIS Day, dedicated geographic information system technology, and coinciding with with our GeoPuzzle Challenge (assembling continental jigsaw puzzles in timed sprints) and the popular National Geographic photo booth, where students can get a single sheet printout of four poses.

Want more geography in your life even when it isn’t Geo Week? Try the Wildcat Geogame, a University-wide initiative to broaden global knowledge through a daily online quiz running through Dec. 5. The game rewards students’ correct answers with free pizza (while staff, faculty and community can be entered in a drawing for equal success). The quiz uses questions and contextual facts compiled by  Kelsey Rydland, a GIS specialist at University Libraries.

Geography Awareness Week is sponsored by the National Geographic Society and other geographic organizations at the national, state, and local level.