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Library Go Trainers Are the Very Best

The start of fall quarter is often one of the more difficult times of year. New students — both undergraduate and graduate alike are struggling to find their way around. Returning students are adjusting to life back on campus. Navigating Northwestern's Libraries provide their own challenges, no matter how often you've visited.


Meet Heerpurru, a rare Pokémon only found in the University Libraries, who is always here for you – just like our staff (who are much easier to find!)

To alleviate that library anxiety, we kicked off the quarter with last week’s Library Go event. Based on the smash-hit mobile game Pokémon Go, Library Go was created to be a fun and approachable introduction to getting to know Northwestern’s libraries, Over over 300 “student trainers” played for a t-shirt and a chance at an iPad mini or Amazon gift card, searching everywhere from the Herskovits Library of African Studies on the 5th floor of University Library to the University Archives on the ground floor of Deering Library.

Along with the Libraries’ own mascot, Heerpurru, pictured above, students were asked to hunt through the libraries for Pokémon in 18 key locations starting with only their wits, a map and their phone. Staff on hand at Trainer Stops around the buildings helped guide them in their journey students learned that the library is “not nearly as maze-like as I thought” and “full of amazing resources!” according to feedback they wrote to us afterward. Library Go wasn’t just for new students. “I’m a senior who’s heard about [The Writing Place] many times and had no clue where it was,” one said.

Players with at least 6 Pokémon all walked away with free t-shirt, snacks and knowledge about some of the great services and collections the University Libraries make available to them. Many went the distance to be the very best, finding all 18 and increasing their chances at bigger prizes.



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