Graduate Students

Jamie McFarlin is a 4th-year PhD candidate dual-advised by Maggie Osburn and Yarrow Axford. She works on reconstructing Quaternary interglacial climate in Greenland from lake records using coupled proxies, in particular chironomid-inferred temperature and compound-specific hydrogen isotopes. Her current focuses include an Eemian temperature and hydroclimate record in northwest Greenland and developing calibration data for modern leaf waxes along the western coast of Greenland. She enjoys sleeping at high latitudes in an orange tent during the summer, distance running, and bluegrass music.

Caitlin Casar is a grad student interested in deep subsurface microbial ecology and its applications to astrobiology. She is currently exploring microbial communities at the Deep Mine Microbial Observatory (DeMMO) at the Sanford Underground Research Facility. She will focus on microbe-mineral interactions and lipid biomarkers, as well isolation of novel organisms through field and lab cultivation experiments. Specifically, she is interested in cultivating iron and manganese cyclers at DeMMO. In her spare time she enjoys picking up new programming skills for data analysis, jamming on her keyboard, and entertaining her two cats (Creme Fraiche and Neko)

Undergraduate Students

Hannah Dion-Kirschner is an undergraduate studying environmental and earth sciences (and music). She is interested in using organic geochemistry and geobiology to understand Phanerozoic paleoclimate. She is currently working to answer questions about Greenland’s Holocene climate using compound-specific isotopes of plant biomarkers. When she’s not in the lab or practicing her instrument, Hannah loves to go swing and blues dancing.

Jordan Todes – is a senior working with myself and Brad Sageman. He is interested in biomarkers and compound-specific isotope measurements across the Cretaceous Ocean Anoxic Event 2.

Affiliated Staff

Dr. Andrew Masterson –  Research associate and IRMS lab manager-interested in sulfur isotope and marine biogeochemistry, mass-spectrometry, continuous flow method development, and precision baking.


Dana Johnston –  Former Undergraduate, interested in microbial ecology, environmental geochemistry, and dangerous field work. Dana is currently in Paraguay waiting out a sweltering summer.