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My MSLOC 430 Journey

ESNs and the Learning Organization…

On our previous blog we discussed the importance of diagnosing a learning organization and understanding how to design one based on certain criteria along the framework shared. Once that information is gathered, the next steps would be to design the… Continue Reading →

Creating a Learning Organization…

Continuous improvement requires constantly looking for ways to ‘make things better’ by challenging the status quo. It requires having a mindset where all ideas are welcomed, shared and people from different functions work together in unison to fix a broken… Continue Reading →

Change through LEAN and continuous improvement…

What is change? The Merriam-Webster simple definition is “to become different”, “to make (someone of something) different” and “to become something else”. It implies that a transformation is required to become something different or else. Through history change has been… Continue Reading →

Hello world!

Hi!  My name is Mercibel Gonzalez and I am a blogging newbie.  I tend to be private so before this class I didn’t even had a Twitter account, only Facebook and Instagram because I can control the privacy settings…so bear… Continue Reading →

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