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Lived Experience in the Later Middle Ages: Studies of Bodiam and Other Elite Landscapes in South-Eastern England is an edited volume, setting out the work of the project


Table of Contents

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Foreword     Ian Barnes


One: Introduction: Narrative of the project     Matthew Johnson

Two: Work at Bodiam 2000-2010     Richard James, Casper Johnson, Matthew Johnson, David Martin, Matt Pope

Three: Bodiam: A new survey of the interior     Catriona Cooper, Penny Copeland, Matthew Johnson

Four: Bodiam as a landscape of work: Topographical and geophysical survey     Dominic Barker, Kathryn A Catlin, Matthew Johnson, Timothy Sly, Kristian Strutt 

Five: The environment of Bodiam: Land, vegetation and human impacts     Kathryn A Catlin, Penny Copeland, Matthew Johnson, Rob Scaife

Six: Scotney: Topographical survey and map analysis     Eric Johnson, Timothy Sly

Seven: Knole: Sport, labour and social contest     Dominic Barker, Ryan Lash, Kristian Strutt

Eight: Ightham: Topographical and geophysical survey and 3D analysis of the landscape     Matthew Johnson, Timothy Sly, Carrie Willis

Nine: Lived experience at Bodiam and Ightham     Catriona Cooper

Ten: Moated sites in the Weald     Eric Johnson

Eleven: Publics, volunteers and communities     Becky Peacock

Twelve: Discussion: Lived experience and poltical ecology in south-eastern England     Matthew Johnson

Thirteen: Conclusion: How landscapes work in the later Middle Ages and beyond     Matthew Johnson



One: Summary and guide to archaeological finds from Bodiam Castle     Kathryn A Catlin

Two: A layperson’s account of survey techniques     Kathryn A Catlin, Kristian Strutt

Three: Further details of environmental methods     Kathryn A Catlin, Penny Copeland, Rob Scaife




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Front Matter

The Introduction     Matthew Johnson

Chapter Four: Bodiam as a place of work: Topographical and geophysical analysis     Dominic Barker, Kathryn A Catlin, Matthew Johnson, Timothy Sly, Kristian Strutt


Links to Supporting Material 

Several of the chapters allude to supporting ‘grey literature’ and other material. Links to this material are as follows:

The more detailed topographical and geophysical survey report for Bodiam

Brittany Holland’s undergraduate thesis on ‘Mad Jack’ Fuller

The full coring and pollen analysis by Rob Scaife and Penny Copeland

Kathryn A Catlin’s full report on the finds from Bodiam

Catriona Cooper’s auralizations of the Great Hall at Ightham Mote

Links to some of the aualizations of the Great hall at Ightham: