Supporting Mexico & Puerto Rico

Dear friends, students, and colleagues:

Given the current crisis and devastation in Puerto Rico due to Hurricane Maria, and in Mexico due to the multiple earthquakes, the Latina and Latino Studies Program is listing various links to organizations across the U.S. who are sending supplies, food, water, and other needed items to our communities.

We exhort you to choose the organizations you feel more comfortable with and to contribute as much as you can.

Thank you for your generosity!

We will continue to update the list as we identify more links. If you want to share additional links with us, feel free to email Carlos Ballinas at

Frances Aparicio, Director

Latina and Latino Studies Program


Please see below for links:


Animal Donations:


For Volunteers


Sustainable Farming Support: Organización Boricuá de Agricultura Ecológica de Puerto Rico

A 28-year-old grassroot organization that works and promotes agroecology within the food sovereignty struggle. Boricuá, is the official Chapter in Puerto Rico of the international peasant movement: La Vía Campesina (LVC)- Coordinadora Latinoamericana de Organizaciones del Campo (CLOC). Boricuá, is a network of peasants (campesinos/as), farmers, farm workers, educators and activists that are deeply involved in a national social justice movement that builds a sustainable agriculture platform for small and medium scale peasants and farmers. Recently hurricane María had a great impact in Puerto Rico. The country is completely classified as a disaster zone. All of the agriculture is gone. Even though ageoecology farms have been proven to be resilient, the impact of María was so strong that green landscapes and ecosystems in Puerto Rico are now brown with lots of fallen trees. So, we are asking anyone that can help to donate whatever you can to help our organization and peasant network bounce up again.

You can donate directly to the Organización Boricuá bank account, Banco Popular Account: #162039034 or by PayPal: