About Me

a headshot I am a Ph.D. student in Technology and Social Behavior at Northwestern University. I am in the People, Space, and Algorithms (PSA) Research Group, advised by Dr. Brent Hecht. I study how people use technology to support social causes, e.g. disability rights and immigrant rights. My work involves using mixed methods to understand how advocates, activists, and organizations use technology to promote social change. This knowledge guides me to design and develop civic technology to help people engage with social causes and take actions.

Prior to my doctoral study, I gained design experience in multiple industrial domains, including healthcare, education, and shipping. I earned my MS degree in Human-Computer Interaction from Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis’s School of Informatics and Computing, where I was advised by Drs. Erin Brady (primary advisor), Lynn Dombrowski and Andrew Miller.


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  • Hanlin Li, Lynn Dombrowski, and Erin Brady. 2018. Working toward Empowering a Community: How Immigrant-Focused Nonprofit Organizations Use Twitter during Political Conflicts. In Proceedings of the 2018 International Conference on Supporting Group Work (GROUP ’18). (Pre-Print PDF)
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