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Restoration, community, and wetland ecology

August 2, 2014
by Larkin
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We conduct research on community-level processes involved in ecological restoration, the repair of damaged and degraded habitats. We are interested in how communities of plants (and animals) respond to anthropogenic environmental change, particularly species invasions, and how we can improve our ability to restore diverse, resilient, high-functioning ecosystems. Relationships between ecological restoration and ecosystem services—such as carbon sequestration, water-quality improvement, and wildlife support—are a particular focus of our research. We mainly work in wetland, prairie, and woodland ecosystems of the Chicago region and elsewhere in the upper Midwest.

Chicago Summer SIP 122

Goings on

February 2015

It was a good month for the Beckys! Becky Barak was awarded a Nicholson Fellowship. Soon-to-be Dr. Becky Tonietto has been announced as a Class of 2015 Smith Fellow!

January 2015

A paper Dan worked on with Andrea Kramer and Jeremie Fant on seed transfer zones for forb restoration in the Great Basin is now out in Natural Areas Journal.

Welcome Dr. Evelyn Williams, who will be working on our phylogenetic restoration project.

September 2014

We had a great kickoff meeting Sept. 11-12 for our project testing the influence of plant phylogenetic and functional diversity on tallgrass prairie restoration. Look at these happy faces!

August 2014

Becky Tonietto will be speaking at ESA 2014 on the effects of tallgrass prairie restoration on native bee communities

July 2014

Dan was featured in the Chicago Tribune’s Career Builder section