New PRA publication: Adaptive rotating-wave approximation for driven open quantum systems

In a new PRA paper, We present a numerical method to approximate the long-time asymptotic solution to the Lindblad master equation for an open quantum system under the influence of an external drive. The proposed scheme uses perturbation theory to rank individual drive terms according to their dynamical relevance and adaptively determines an effective Hamiltonian. […]

New preprint: Quantum control of an oscillator using stimulated nonlinearity

In a new arXiv preprint, we collaborate with Andrew A. Houck’s research group at Princeton University on quantum control of an oscillator using stimulated nonlinearity. Superconducting circuits extensively rely on the Josephson junction as a nonlinear electronic element for manipulating quantum information and mediating photon interactions. Despite continuing efforts in designing anharmonic Josephson circuits with […]

New Nat. Commun. publication: Random access quantum information processors using multimode circuit quantum electrodynamics

Qubit connectivity is an important property of a quantum processor, with an ideal processor having random access—the ability of arbitrary qubit pairs to interact directly. This a challenge with superconducting circuits, as state-of-the-art architectures rely on only nearest-neighbor coupling. Here, we implement a random access superconducting quantum information processor, demonstrating universal operations on a nine-qubit […]

New NJP publication: Mapping repulsive to attractive interaction in driven–dissipative quantum systems

Repulsive and attractive interactions usually lead to very different physics. Striking exceptions exist in the dynamics of driven–dissipative quantum systems. For the example of a photonic Bose–Hubbard dimer, we establish a one-to-one mapping relating cases of onsite repulsion and attraction. We prove that the mapping is valid for an entire class of Markovian open quantum […]