Beyond the Boardroom – Nonprofit Boards and Social Media

In developing these series of blog posts on nonprofit board engagement and ESN technology (see post one, two, and three), I of course turned to Beth Kanter. Beth blogs: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media, Beth writes, The Networked Nonprofit: Connecting with Social Media to Drive Change, speaks and consults. If there ever was a guru on […]

Review of BoardEffect – Board Portal Software

In my previous post, I explored how a simple tool such as Google Forms helped to drive board engagement with content prior to a board meeting. In this post, I will examine a popular board portal software, BoardEffect, as a more robust option for utilizing technology to drive board engagement. I would not classify BoardEffect […]

Overcoming the Board Meeting Data Dump

  If you’ve ever served on a nonprofit board there is a good chance you’ve had one of these experiences: You arrive at a board meeting and are given 40 pages of documents that you will never read. You’ve chaired a committee for three years but never actually held a meeting. You were enthusiastically recruited to […]