Using Enterprise Social Network Technology to Drive Board Engagement

Death_to_stock_photography_weekend_work (8 of 10)In post one, I shared how Google Forms helped to drive board engagement prior to a meeting. In post two, I reviewed BoardEffects, a board portal software. In this third post, I will explore how a board might use an ESN to drive board engagement engagement.

As I stated in post two, BoardEffects is first an online platform and second a collaboration tool. This allows for easy transmission of information such as board books, board orientation, and bylaws. The collaboration tools allow for surveys, scheduling and working documents.

In order to take BoardEffects (and products like it) a step further, I’d suggest enabling working out loud functionality and personal authorship.

WOL: Board books are published and instead of private note taking, add public notetaking. Therefore, prior to the board meeting, members could add notes and questions to the book for everyone to see. For instance, if there is a question about a budgetary item, a board member could post a question, and the finance team would be ready to answer it, or answer it on the doc before hand, and everyone else on the board benefits from this interaction.

Personal Authorship: I suggest adding a content stream as the home page. Board members could post blogs, microblogs, share articles, and post questions. Staff could post material, reflections, insights as well to keep board members informed.

These two features would turn the board portal into a more vibrant and expansive conversation within the board.

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