Submit a Book Prize Nomination

The Journal of Africana Religions invites publishers to nominate a book for the Albert J. Raboteau Prize for the Best Book in Africana Religions. We are currently accepting nominations for books published during 2016.

This annual book award  will recognize the best book published each year focusing on religion in Africa and the African Diaspora (i.e., among African-descended peoples in the Americas, the Caribbean, and Eurasia). A prestigious five-person committee determines the winner, and the recipient of the book prize will be announced by the fall of 2016.

The nominated text should be an academic study that examines the religious tradition(s) of African or African Diasporic peoples or religious tradition(s) significantly influenced by the diverse cultural heritage of Africa. We define the religions of African-descended people broadly, and books might address African traditional religions, Islam, Christianity, new religious movements, or any other religious expression or experience important to African and African Diasporic people. Because the Journal publishes research on Africana religions of any chronological period, the chronological scope of the text nominated may be of any period, from ancient to contemporary. Competitive nominations will feature generous attention to one or more of the following:

  • the historical movement or spread of Africana religions and the dynamic transformations they have undergone
  • interdisciplinary approaches to the subject of study
  • transnational movements within Africana religions
  • the experience or analysis of Diaspora among Africana religions
  • the intersection of religion with race, empire, slavery, or liberationist/resistance movements
  • innovative theoretical approaches to the study of Africana religions

The book prize committee will vet the nominations and prepare a decision by the fall of 2017. The Journal will contact both the publisher and the author of the book selected and will work with the publisher to select the appropriate time and place to present the award.

To participate in the book prize, please mail copies of your nominated book (one book per publisher) to the selection committee members listed below by March 21, 2017, and kindly notify the journal staff of your nomination by contacting


Professor Robert M. Baum

Department of Religion

Hinman Box 6036

Dartmouth College

Hanover, New Hampshire 03755


Professor Wallace Best

1879 Hall

Department of Religion

Princeton University

Princeton, New Jersey 08544



Professor Sohail Daulatzai

1522 S. Curson Ave

Los Angeles, CA 90019



Professor Dawn-Marie Gibson

Apartment 5.01

The Arc

Titanic Quarter



Northern Ireland



Professor Rachel Harding
2680 South Norman Court

Denver Colorado 80224