Current Issue

Our current issue of the Journal (issue 1 of volume 5), contains a unique primary source, a document by Bayyinah Sharrieff, an African American Muslim woman. Sharrieff’s extensive writings are a significant but largely unknown source for the study of Africana religions in the 1960s. This primary source consists of dozens of her columns from the Muhammad Speaks newspaper that Sharrieff authored over a period of twenty-two months while a student at the University of Khartoum in Sudan. This journal issue also features three research articles. One is Christina Davidson’s study of the African Methodist Episcopal denomination’s historic role in Dominican-Hatian relations.¬† The second research article, by Su’ad Abdul Khabeer, examines the symbolic and historical import of Africa in African American Muslim identity. The third article is an exquisite study by Jason Young that uncovers and interprets the fascinating theme of the “flying African” in the cultural and literary history of Black religion. Each of these evocatively contributes fresh insights and new knowledge about the transnational formations of Africana religions.