MSLOC 430 Spring 2016 – New bloggers, topics and enterprise social network innovation ideas

We’re in week 4 of the 10-week Spring academic quarter and graduate students in MSLOC 430 Creating and Sharing Knowledge have created a rich selection of topics to explore via NUSites blogs.

The assignment is to find a topic of personal interest that is related to the use of social media or enterprise social network platforms (ESNs). Some students work from the technology outward (i.e., how do ESNs support social learning?) while others start with the topic and look at how social media/ESNs may impact it (i.e., can you coach for individual growth and performance using shared spaces in social media?).

We’ve also posted one outcome of the Winter quarter’s class: Ideas for ESN innovations. These ideas were sparked by examination of specific business cases. What we’re sharing are slightly scrubbed versions of the ideas that might be applicable to more general case situations.

The ideas might best be thought of as pre-prototype. They are sketched out in some detail – but have not yet been tested or prototyped. Some of them have sparked interest by organizations to which our graduate students belong. We share them as a way of contributing to the on-going effort to think more innovatively about ESN use.

Spring 2016 Bloggers

The following is a list of the initial blog posts from our public bloggers. You can see snippets of these posts, as well as all new posts, aggregated via our course site:

Masha Alexander – Social media and social change – An evolving narrative

Mercibel Gonzalez – Change through LEAN and continuous improvement

Heidi Hartman – Preparing and packing for a social learning journey

Lynn Huang – Is Google making your employees stupid?

Lynne Levy – Can you find your purpose in an enterprise social network?

Thyra Nast – Remote workers and the need for a virtual water cooler

Pooja Patankar – The journey ahead

Jordan Rickard – Overcoming the board meeting data dump

Chao You – Time is up. Let’s continue online.

Liz Young – Learning how to learn – Setting the stage

Enterprise social network innovations

Each of these innovations is also posted on our course site:

An Internal MOOC with Communities of Inquiry and Gamification

Move Your Knowledge: Integrate Out Loud

An ESN Garden for Affinity Groups



MSLOC 430: March 3, 2016 working-out-loud class session

On March 3 from 6 – 9 p.m. Central Time the 22 M.S. in Learning and Organizational Change graduate students in MSLOC 430 will be working out loud on Twitter during class (hashtag #msloc430).

This is week 9 of the 10-week quarter and teams of students are finishing up outlining and designing possible solutions to business case challenges that they’ve been working on during class for the past three weeks. The solutions must be based on some innovative use of enterprise social networking (ESN) technology.

We’ve looked for inspirations by examining a few innovative models of using networks to facilitate new ways of learning or doing work. These include models such as communities of practice; MOOCs and networked learning; personal learning networks; working out loud/narrating your work; crowdsourcing; open design and idea management; and more.

Tonight’s class (and the past couple of weeks) have been designed to push our thinking about the possibilities of ESNs. Not just what others have done with ESNs, but what we could do with ESNs.

Consider these as pre-prototype ideas. If we had the time to prototype them, we’re learn where our assumptions led us astray. But each would also help us learn more about what is possible with ESNs and undoubtedly point the way to something new and valuable.

So join us in this working-out-loud exploration. We’ll post more about the outcomes of this exercise at (where you can also read blog posts from about half the the class who have chosen to blog publicly).

And many thinks to the good folks at The Garage at Northwestern for letting us use one of their spaces for the March 3 class.

MSLOC 430 Winter 2016

MSLOC 430 is a course in the Master’s Program in Learning and Organizational Change in the School of Education and Social Policy. We explore enterprise social network technology and its impact on organizational work practices and organizational learning.

In Winter 2016, some of the graduate students in the course will be blogging about topics of interest. These may include:

  • Leadership: What does it mean to lead in a more connected enterprise? Or be a change agent in a more connected enterprise?
  • Organizational culture: How does organizational culture influence enterprise social networking? Or vice versa – how enterprise networking influences culture?
  • Learning and development: How do social media/enterprise social networks change learning and development? Leadership development? Talent management?
  • Innovation: How do social media/enterprise social networks impact innovation? Idea management?
  • Organizational change: How might social media/enterprise social networks impact how organizations think about strategic change?
  • Social media/enterprise social networks in general: You may choose to go broader and deeper into any of number of topics that we cover in this class (user behavior, new technology adoption, metrics, trust, power, lurking, etc.)

I’ll share highlights from this activity here on this blog as we progress through the quarter.