Volume 23, Pages 1-1078 (2017)
Papers Selected for the 22nd International Symposium on Transportation and Traffic Theory Chicago, Illinois, USA, 24-26 July, 2017.
Edited by Hani Mahmassani, Yu (Marco) Nie & Karen Smilowitz

Thank you for your ISTTT22 paper submissions!

The strong response to our Call for Papers for the ISTTT22 has demonstrated once again a healthy level of activity in traffic and transportation theory around the world.

As the field has continued to grow and evolve, the format of the Symposium has not changed, consisting of two and half days of single-track lectern presentations and discussions. Along the way, poster sessions have been added to give more researchers an opportunity to take part in this event.  36 contributions were selected for lectern presentation this year following a rigorous four-stage refereeing process.

In the first stage, nearly 350 extended abstracts were reviewed by up to four members of the scientific and organizing committees, resulting in 117 invitations to submit full papers.  The second stage entailed the review of each of the 102 submitted full papers by two to five internationally recognized scholars.  Based on that process, 60 papers were retained for revision, and another round of full-paper refereeing.  A final review by the three co-editors resulted in the selection of 36 for lectern presentation, and another 21 for poster presentation (and inclusion in the digital Procedia volume).

This volume of papers, and the ISTTT series, reflects some of the most essential work taking place in the world’s leading institutes on the science of traffic and transportation, and presents a view of the rich influences permeating the field.

As one of our special events this year, our cocktail reception on Monday evening includes presentation of the posters to ISTTT22 attendees.