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Saying Goodbye to South Africa — For Now

It is absolutely crazy to think about my time in South Africa — that it even happened at all. Three months passed so quickly, and I have so, so many fond memories in Stellenbosch, Cape Town, the Garden Route, the Kruger and Johannesburg. I’ve learned so much about being Asian American in a different racial… Read more »

Wine and MORE Wine in Wine Country, South Africa

Stellenbosch, in many ways, is very similar to Evanston — bougie shops and bougie people in a pretty college-y town — but in One Major Way, it is Very Different, indeed: Wine. There is much wine to be had in Stellenbosch, and if you are over the age of 18 and open to imbibing alcohol,… Read more »

Spring break in Cape Town

I came to Stellenbosch without taking any class on South African history, politics or culture, so the only things I knew were of the general variety—that apartheid happened, that it ended in 1994, that Nelson Mandela was a hero. But I came anyway, and I came a week early, figuring I would spend spring break… Read more »

Being Asian-American in South Africa

Before I came to South Africa, I assumed that I would experience at least a few uncomfortable moments due to my race. I surmised that there weren’t many Asian South Africans, and that I’d probably be subject to a few curious stares and yells of “China!” or “Nihao!” from random passersby. I was right. But… Read more »

First Week in Stellenbosch

Our first week in Stellenbosch was a whirlwind. Getting myself set up in a brand-new city was fun, and weird, and at times, kind of terrible. Though I thought IPD prepared me pretty well for the program as a whole, there are a few things you’d only know from actually going through the program. Here… Read more »