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Category: Serbia

History repeats itself

Learning about the intense history of Bosnia has been heartbreaking and heavy, yet it has allowed me to reflect on my own life and experiences. It has been incredible to see things coming ‘full circle’ for me – by piecing together what I have learned from living in Serbia and Bosnia and interacting with locals

Life-Changing Experience

During these past couple of weeks, things have been coming full circle for me. I’ve been really thinking about what the implications of ‘othering’ and homogeneity really are, especially when they can be applied within my own context – at Northwestern. It has been wild to see how no matter how ‘foreign’ the place may

Never Completely at Home Again

Upon arriving to America a few weeks ago, there were several thoughts floating in my mind. Angst for impending school, excitement to eat comfort food, ease in being back in my bed. I had traveled for about a month after my study abroad program to Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina, so it had been almost three months

The Last Week

During our last week in Sarajevo, which covered learning about the work of the nonprofit Wings of Hope in providing mental health care services in Sarajevo, I learned quite a bit more about how history can take multiple perspectives, and I spent quite a bit of time reflecting on the themes of the program as

Looking back… and forward!

It is truly amazing what you can learn about a people or culture by simply living among them. We have learned about the basic philological principles that underlie the Serbian language, as well as the historical developments that have formed the current social and political states of the country itself. In this immersive program format,

Lessons from Belgrade

Perhaps one of the most fascinating things to me about my time in Belgrade was the fact that it felt almost like being back in Chicago. Yes, there was the fact that the words on the buildings were either written in Serbian Cyrillic or Latin script, but still I felt like I was back in

Week one in Belgrade: A lesson in Identity.

My time in Belgrade came to an end approximately four weeks ago, however because I was so focused on being present in every new experience that I was having, I forgot to keep up to date with my blog post. No worries, my memory may be weak but there are some events and moments that

Transitioning from Belgrade to Sarajevo

The unique aspect of the NU in Serbia and BiH program is in fact that students get to live and study abroad in two different countries in the Balkan region and directly experience the vast differences and similarities in the respective country’s conduction of education, public health and mental health programs. Although only a week

Final Week in Belgrade

In our final week in Belgrade, I certainly have a wide range of topics to reflect upon. This last week has been focused on mental health care in Serbia. It has been incredibly fascinating, as I have not been able to study psychiatric care in any particular depth until this program. The additional attention to

Protruding Pieces of Concrete can be Beautiful

Belgrade is an odd city— while walking the streets, you can find historical sites nestled next to new, more modern structures. From when I whiz by in a local taxi or when I take my time strolling the city’s sidewalks under the hot sun, I can tell that Belgrade has an in-between identity that can