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Lessons from Belgrade

Perhaps one of the most fascinating things to me about my time in Belgrade was the fact that it felt almost like being back in Chicago. Yes, there was the fact that the words on the buildings were either written in Serbian Cyrillic or Latin script, but still I felt like I was back in

Week one in Belgrade: A lesson in Identity.

My time in Belgrade came to an end approximately four weeks ago, however because I was so focused on being present in every new experience that I was having, I forgot to keep up to date with my blog post. No worries, my memory may be weak but there are some events and moments that

Protruding Pieces of Concrete can be Beautiful

Belgrade is an odd city— while walking the streets, you can find historical sites nestled next to new, more modern structures. From when I whiz by in a local taxi or when I take my time strolling the city’s sidewalks under the hot sun, I can tell that Belgrade has an in-between identity that can

Beauty in Every Corner

Belgrade is a unique and vibrant city, filled with beauty on every corner. For a city that has been completely demolished and rebuilt over 40 times, it’s amazing that it still has so much charm. In particular, I found it interesting to learn about the blend of influences on the architecture, from Ottoman to Austro-Hungarian,

A Reflection on the Serbian Worldview

It is truly amazing what you can learn about a people or culture by simply living among them. In the past week, we have learned about the basic philological principles that underlie the Serbian language, as well as the historical developments that have formed the current social and political states of the country itself. In

Zdravo Beograd

Prior to my arrival in Belgrade, I was honestly confused on how I would feel once I reached. I personally did not know much about Eastern Europe in general, and I had only heard of Serbia a few times. Honestly, I was a little scared – hundreds of questions were pouring through my mind. What

Before Belgrade, Serbia

Although very delayed in posting this pre-departure blog post, I still remember much of my thoughts prior to arriving in Belgrade, Serbia. For the most part, I was very excited and had been counting down to the day that I would leave the U.S for Serbia since the beginning of Spring quarter 2018. I had

Pre-departure reflection

I am currently writing in the plane en route to Zurich, from which I will then proceed to Belgrade. The reason I have waited until the last moment to post about this upcoming trip is that the year has screamed to a close as my class, now rising seniors, has completed finals, bid farewell to

The Beauty of Palimpsests

If I were to characterize the city of Belgrade, I would have to say that it seems to be both a pastiche of the various cultural influences on its history, and yet also a distinct entity in its own right. As a border town to various conquering nations, the city has constantly been destroyed and

Dobrodosli u Beograd– Welcome to Belgrade!

      This first week in Belgrade has been very eye-opening and fascinating. I am enjoying learning about the rich history of this city, and the preservation of the region’s culture. In class, we talked about the rather tragic, repetitious demolition of Serbia over the centuries, and it makes me appreciate how prosperous this