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Category: Pre-Departure

Zdravo Beograd

Prior to my arrival in Belgrade, I was honestly confused on how I would feel once I reached. I personally did not know much about Eastern Europe in general, and I had only heard of Serbia a few times. Honestly, I was a little scared – hundreds of questions were pouring through my mind. What

Before Belgrade, Serbia

Although very delayed in posting this pre-departure blog post, I still remember much of my thoughts prior to arriving in Belgrade, Serbia. For the most part, I was very excited and had been counting down to the day that I would leave the U.S for Serbia since the beginning of Spring quarter 2018. I had

Pre-departure reflection

I am currently writing in the plane en route to Zurich, from which I will then proceed to Belgrade. The reason I have waited until the last moment to post about this upcoming trip is that the year has screamed to a close as my class, now rising seniors, has completed finals, bid farewell to

Arrival to Belgrade, Serbia

About twenty-four hours ago, I was on a plane traveling to Belgrade, Serbia through a layover in Zurich, Switzerland. Now having arrived in Belgrade this afternoon and spending only a few hours, I still feel like I haven’t fully “arrived”. I was anxious about how much I was bringing, whether I had forgotten anything, and

Slow, not steady. Am I ready?

The past few days have been a whirlwind of emotions: excitement, elation, confusion, despair…the list goes on. The year’s ending, my senior friends are graduating, the residential college i’ve lived in for two years is shutting down for renovation, and I still haven’t finished packing yet to go to a land I know little about.


I still remember the first time I came the United states. I was so excited to be going to another continent, and I made a mental note that Europe should be the next continent to go to. When I found out that I had gotten in the Northwestern Study Abroad program in Serbia and Bosnia,

Pre-Departure Thoughts

“Wow! I’m proud of you, kid” said my older cousin in sheer excitement after hearing the news of my upcoming travels. What an honor for a kid from the south-side of Chicago to be taking an international trip. Conversations with family members who never left the country are filled with concern, happiness, and unanswerable questions. They